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Algiers Point Free Lil Pantry

You might be familiar with the "take a book, return a book" concept seen in Little Free Libraries around New Orleans. Now, imagine that same idea applied to something equally essential – food. On Opelousas Avenue in Algiers Point, there stands a small wooden box stocked with items ranging from Spaghetti-Os and soup to diapers and personal care products. This is the Algiers Point Lil Free Pantry, open 24/7, embodying the spirit of "Take what you need, Leave what you can."

Inspired by the Little Free Library idea, this pantry, spearheaded by Becky Hicks and James Hunt since 2017, has become a vital resource in our community. It goes beyond the traditional food pantry concept; it's a neighborhood outdoor pantry, a Blessing Box, where individuals can access items anytime, no questions asked.

The Algiers Point Free Lil Pantry operates under the belief that we, as New Orleanians, can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors facing food insecurity. It's a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to providing nutritious meals to those who might not have the means to eat a proper meal on a given day.

This initiative is part of the larger mini pantry movement, a grassroots solution to immediate and local needs. The movement promotes neighbor engagement, challenging assumptions, and fostering radical trust within communities. It's about giving without expectations and creating positive change from the bottom up.

The Algiers Point Lil Free Pantry is a safety net, a reminder of our neighbors' needs that transcends professional boundaries. Unlike traditional food pantries, it operates 24/7 without applications or restrictions, promoting a sense of compassion, trust, and mutual aid.

If you're wondering how you can contribute, it's simple. Stock the pantry according to need. Encourage items like canned vegetables, proteins, personal care products, and paper goods. And for those who can't contribute food, personal care items and other essentials are equally valuable.

Now, some might ask about potential risks or liabilities. Rest assured, the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act protects those who donate food products to nonprofit organizations for distribution to those in need. The Algiers Point Free Lil Pantry is situated on land owned by the Behrman School, specifically on the fence of the community garden.





Algiers Point Free Lil Pantry

615 Opelousas Ave
New Orleans, Orleans Parish 70114

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Join or visit our Facebook group. Its open to everyone. Stay updated on what is in the pantry or find other local community support events.

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615 Opelousas Ave
New Orleans, Orleans Parish 70114

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